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How I Work

I take the time to find out what you want to achieve from your website and the type of audience you are trying to reach. I will then provide you with design ideas and once you're happy begin creating your new site.

The time it takes to complete your website depends on the size and work involved including any revisions, but it can take between 2 – 4 weeks to design, build and test a basic site. During this time I will provide you with regular updates for your approval, so that you can make revisions at any stage should you wish to.

I will build your new site using the WordPress platform. I use WordPress because I consider it the best website content management system (CMS) in use today, it is also the most popular, supporting more than 70 million websites. Many of the world’s top brands use WordPress to power their websites because it is so easy to use and combines some of the most powerful tools and applications needed to have a professional website at an affordable price. Read more about WordPress.

When you are completely happy with your new site, I will launch it online and provide you with the hosting account details and the information needed so that you can take control of your own site or if you prefer you can leave it to me.

You will own your new site without restrictions. This means that should you wish to in the future you can edit it, develop it further or move it to a new host. Many other website providers limit what you can do to your own site and may also restrict you from moving it from their hosting platform. You should consider this before choosing a website provider because if at a later date you wish to add a feature to your site that your provider does not support and you are restricted from moving the site to a new host you may have to start all over again and build a new site somewhere else.

I will ensure your new site displays properly on all device sizes and will also be optimised for search engines so it can be found more easily on Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

I will also provide you with a free period of after sales maintenance for your new site and I'm also available for future updates and any other editing you may need in the future.

The Design

A website must engage effectively with visitors and be designed so that necessary information is easily found. Research shows that visitors will move away within seconds if they are confused with navigation or cannot easily find what they are looking for.

I will build you a website that immediately engages with the visitor and makes navigation easier.

Older Websites

If you have an older website it may already look dated, it might not be displaying properly on smaller devices or be optimised for todays search engines. With up to 70% of all online searches now being made on smaller devices, now is the time to make sure your website is fully responsive and can also be found easily in search results.

My websites are designed from the outset to be fully responsive on all devices and optimised for search engines, especially Google.

DIY Websites

If you've built your own website, you might be a little disappointed with the end result. It’s not as easy as it first seems and if you’re busy managing a business you probably don’t have the necessary time to learn to use a page builder program and get all the design essentials right. A poorly designed website will not benefit your business or your image.

If you would like to start again or have your existing site finished properly then I can help.


There are many elements to a good website and hundreds of different features available, so the total cost will depend on what is included and how much time needs to be spent building it.

However, I do offer a feature packed website design package from just £495, which includes hosting and domain name. See below for all included features.

This is a great choice if you are looking for a simple but good quality website that provides all the features that you need now, but also provides you with the flexibility to add to it in the future.

I do not tie you into long contracts or restrictive hosting agreements with hidden costs. I will explain clearly what is included and provide you with options to add more features should you want to now or in the future.


All the features listed below are included in my website package for £495. Click on a feature for further details.

If you need something different just let me know, I can easily add or remove features to create a website that suits your needs.


I will create a unique eye-catching website for you that engages with your audience.


I will provide you with a 10-page website and add your provided content. Extra pages can be easily added at any time.


Your site will work well on all devices including desktop, notebook, tablet and smart phone.


WordPress is generally considered the most versatile and user-friendly website platform available which means you will always have complete control and because it will be hosted with an independent company (not a site builder server) you will also have full ownership and the ability to move your site elsewhere should you ever wish to in the future. See WordPress Explained.


I can include a blog facility on your site so that you can update your audience with your latest news.


If you need quality images for your website I will include 3 premium stock images.


Your new site will be optimised to be found more easily on search engines such as Google.


I will submit your new website to Google for indexing.


I will link your new site to your social media accounts such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn.


I will include a contact form so your visitors can easily send a message to an email address of your choice.


Need an email account? - I will set up your new email account, 12 Months FREE of charge.


An easy to use Content Management System gives you the freedom to add and edit content whenever you wish to.


Need a domain name? - I will purchase your preferred domain name and register it to you, 12 months FREE of charge.


I do not ask you to sign any contracts or commit to future payments.


Need a hosting account for your new website? - I will arrange for the first 12 months of your website hosting FREE of charge.


If you need extra features or something different it's likely I can provide it at an affordable cost, just ask for a quote.

Here are some extra features that you may like to include in your website now or in the future:


The site I create for you can be expanded at any time with unlimited additional pages.


A booking or scheduling facility will allow customers to make appointments with you or reserve a room in your hotel or guest house 24/7. It is the ideal solution for trades people, accommodation providers, health & beauty services, sports & leisure providers.


Display your products with multiple images, zoom facility and extensive descriptions.


If you need professional royalty free images I can add them to your site. 


Engage with your visitors by encouraging them to sign up to your newsletter.


If you would like your visitors to send you information via your site you will need a form.

Questionnaires, order forms, job applications, request for quotations can all be provided as forms on your website.


Receive online payments for your goods or services.


Allow your customers to add and remove products to a shopping cart before check out.


Display shipping rate options to your customers. Size, weight, region and post code.


Display a map to show your customers where they can find you.


Display your images with a slideshow.


Take your site to the next engagement level by including video or audio links.

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